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With the release of version, the ML and MultiStore platforms were merged. This allows us to bring the great new features of MultiStore to all ML customers, and better focus our development efforts moving forward.

The MultiStore platform starts out at just a single store, and then scales up to additional stores later on if desired. Store owners do not have to worry about the added complexities of multiple stores if they don't want to right away, but have the ability to easily roll out more stores when the time comes!

The menu options on the left will guide you to all of the options the storefront contains. The majority of these function the same whether you are running only a single store, or 50! For details of features that work differently when you have multiple stores, and for information on how to vary different elements of your sites by store, see these links:

Article Title
Removing CCV Requirements
Removing Products
Renaming and Reordering Real Time Rate Shipping Methods
Request for Quote Payment Method
Retrieving Customer Emails
Sage Pay (formerly Protx) Payment Gateway
Sage Payments Payment Gateway
Sales Prompts
Schema.org in 9420+
SecureNet Payment Gateway
SecureNetV4 Payment Gateway
Security Best Practices
Security Log
Selling Intangible Products
Setup Full Text Search
Shipping and Tax Estimator
Shipping Import/Export
Shipping Methods
Shipping Rates Table
Shipping to Multiple Addresses (Multiship)
Shipping Zones
Site Configuration Wizard
Skin Info Data
Skin Tokens
Skinning Tutorial
Skipjack Payment Gateway
Smart One Page Checkout Instructions for MultiStore
Spec Sheets
SQL Server 2005 Express and Server Management Studio Installation
SQL Server 2005 Express with Full Text Indexing
Storing Credit Card Information
String Resource Mgr
Submitting your Site to Google Sitemaps
Submitting your Sitemap to Yahoo!
Summary Stats
Swatch Images
Switching to a Single non-US Locale
Tabbed XML Package
Tax By Post Code
Temporarily Disabling the Site
The Admin Home Page
Transaction Central Payment Gateway
Transaction Modes
Transaction States
Upgrading AspDotNetStorefront: Skinning and Special Considerations
Upgrading to a 9.x Version
Upgrading to a 9.x Version from earlier, legacy versions
UPS Negotiated Rates
URL Rewrite
USAePay Payment Gateway
Using 'Customer Enters Price' Products
USPS Address Verification
Varying AppConfigs by Store
Varying Locale by Store
Varying Price By Size/Color
Varying the Skin Within a Site
ViaKLIX Payment Gateway
View Failed Transactions
View Orders Marked As Fraud
View Sale Products
View/Edit Customers and Users
View/Manage Orders
Wholesale Sites
WorldPay Payment Gateway
XML Package Layouts
XML Package Validator
XML Packages
XML Product Import
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