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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Submitting your Sitemap to Yahoo!

NOTE: Yahoo is merged with BING, and they accept the standard XML sitemap protocol. Please submit the /GoogleIndex.aspx page and not /YahooIndex.aspx.

A Sitemap is an XML file that contains a list of all the URLs in a merchant's store. It also provides information when was the time the pages were last published. It helps search engine crawlers to discover and index web pages quicker. It also provides additional information like pages that are not linked from any page within the store, which may have not been discovered otherwise.

Submitting your Sitemap will help Yahoo! Crawlers do a better job of crawling your site. To create a Yahoo! Sitemap, you don't have to configure anything from AspDotNetStorefront, you just need to call http://www.yourdomain.com/yahooindex.aspx. This is the only page you need to submit to Yahoo!.

For more information about Yahoo! Sitemap check out this page

To add your sitemap to Yahoo!

1 - Go to the Yahoo! Site Explorer page and log in with your Yahoo name and password (same as your Yahoo email if you have one).

2 - Click the Submit Site Feed link.

3 - Enter the URL for your site (e.g., http://www.yourdomain.com)
4 - Click Submit Feed.

• The Sitemap that you will use is GoogleIndex.aspx and NOT sitemap2.aspx (this is used only for AspDotNetStorefront sitemap)
• Your site must already be in live mode for Yahoo! to process the URL you have submitted.