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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Switching to a Single non-US Locale

While the storefront can be configured to use multiple locales very easily, there are times when a site may need to simply set the storefront to a single locale other than en-US.

This page will explain how to do so, using French (fr-FR) as an example.


1 - Create a new string resources file (and entire language pack if desired) as explained here.

2 - Open the Currencies page in the admin site and check "Publish" for the French Franc. The display locale will be fr-FR. Do not unpublish USD yet!

Note: If the currency you wish to display is not listed, you may add it at this time. Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217 for applicable currency codes.

3 - Open the Locales page in the admin site. Click "Add New" and enter fr-FR as the name. Enter a Description and set the currency to FRF. Click "Save."

4 - Once you have saved your new locale, click the "Reload From Excel File on Server" button. This will load your new string resources from the file created in Step 1. Follow the on-screen directions to upload all of the strings (don't forget to hit the Begin Reload Processing link after all the strings show on the page). Then click the Reset Cache link to complete the upload.

5 - From the root of your website, open the web.config file in Visual Studio or a text editor and look for the GLOBALIZATION section. Change the "en-US" references to "fr-FR". You may also need to change the database locale in the web.config file ( DBSQLServerLocaleSetting ) which is within the appSettings section. THIS section is encrypted if you have the web.config encrypted in the admin console of your website, and would require decrypting it first before you have access to that setting. You will need Read/Write/Modify permissions given to the .NET user account temporarily on the web folder that contains the web.config file in order to decrypt/encrypt it.

6 - Go to the locale page in the admin site and delete the en-US locale. Then from the currencies page, uncheck "Published" next to USD.

7 - Go to the AppConfig page and search for 'Localization'. Set the Localization.StoreCurrency AppConfig to FRF, and Localization.StoreCurrencyNumericCode to 250. (remember to change these values for your locale)