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This article applies to: MultiStore

Spec Sheets

Some products require additional descriptions, too long or complex to list easily on the product detail page. The 'spec sheet' feature is designed to allow store admins to attach entire separate .html pages to a product page, so that customers can click a link to view further information.

To add a spec sheet to a product, create a standard .htm file with the contents you want, and upload it to your site in the {root}/descriptions/productspecs folder. The naming format should be productID.htm. Once that file is in place, the software will display a link to view that page on the product detail page. Clicking that link opens a separate popup window.

If desired, the software can be set to show the spec sheet 'inline', meaning it appears in full at the bottom of the product detail page, rather than as a link to a separate page. To do this, set the 'Specs Inline' attribute of the product to Yes in Product Manager.