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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Temporarily Disabling the Site

Store owners may occasionally need to take their sites offline temporarily for maintenance, product updates, etc. This can easily by done by changing 2 keys in the web.config file. Taking the site down this way leaves the software running, but prevents customers from accessing it - they see instead whatever HTML page the store owner designs.

Setting up the Site Down For Maintenance Page

1 - Create a "Site Down For Maintenance" page.
This must be in plain .htm file ONLY as *.html file will cause a redirect loop in version 9 software previous to MS

2 - Place the page you created in the web content folder (root).

3 - Go to the web.config file. Look for the following:

SiteDownForMaintenance and change its value to true.
SiteDownForMaintenancePage and change the value to the name of the page you have created.

4 - Save the file when you're done.

NOTE: If you are getting a redirect loop or error on a valid file, then verify the site Application Pool in IIS is set for Classic Managed Pipeline Mode, as Integrated Mode can cause this issue.