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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

SQL Server 2005 Express with Full Text Indexing

This guide covers the install of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services SP2, which is required to use the full-text search feature. This install process also installs SQL Server Management Studio Express.

NOTE: This edition is not necessary for standard site installs if you will not be using the full-text indexing feature. For the basic SQL Server 2005 Express install guide, see here.


1 - First, download the file indicated at http://www.microsoft.com/express/2005/sql/download/default.aspx:

2 - Run the SQLEXPR_ADV.exe file you just downloaded, check the 'I accept' box, and click 'Next'.

3 - Click 'Next' again.

4 - Wait for the system check to complete and click 'Next'.

5 - Enter your name and company information, uncheck the "Hide advanced configuration options" box, and click 'Next'.

6 - Expand the "Database Services" section of the tree, right-click on "Full-Text Search", and choose the "Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive" option. Click 'Next'.

7 - If you will only have one install of SQL on the server, select the "Default Instance" option. If the machine may eventually have more installs, choose "Named Instance" and give your new install a name. Click 'Next'.

8 - Make sure that the "SQL Server" box is checked and click 'Next' (the other options should be fine on the defaults for most installs).

9 - Set the authentication mode to "Mixed Mode" and enter a password for the 'sa' user. Do not lose that password! Click 'Next'.

10 - Click 'Next' (the options should be fine on the defaults for most installs).

11 - Uncheck the "Enable User Instances" (full-text search will not work if user instances are enabled ) and click 'Next'.

12 - Click 'Next' again.

13 - Click 'Install'.

14 - Once the install is complete, click 'Next'.

15 - Click 'Finish'.