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Skinning Tutorial

The information found at these links should be used as a reference while following along with the videos below.


The following concepts should be understood before beginning the videos, as these terms are used through the videos and our other documentation:

Template - The part of the page that remains consistent from page to page. In version 9, this is the Asp.Net Master Page file (template.master) in the {root}/App_Template/skin_#/ folder.

Stylesheet - The CSS document that contains the style rules for your website. The CSS stylesheet controls fonts, colors, layouts, and more.

Token - A generic term for a small piece of code that renders out some dynamic content.

Topic - A block of HTML content that is stored in the database. Topics are used in two ways in AspDotNetStorefront. Topics can be their own page, or they can be used to render out a block of HTML that can be placed in different places throughout the website.

String Resource - Similar to a topic, String resources are smaller simple strings of text that are stored in the database and can be used in different places throughout the website. String resources can be modified by site administrators from the admin console. String resources tend to only be a sentence or less.

XMLPackage - XmlPackages render out dynamic blocks of code. Usually they render out HTML, but they can be used for a number of different types of outputs. XMLPackages are responsible for the product and category page layouts as well as many other data driven areas throughout the AspDotNetStorefront platform. XmlPackages are written in xslt.

File Structure and Switching Skins

Working With Tokens

Modifying the Layout