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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Renaming and Reordering Real Time Rate Shipping Methods

Store admins can rename and reorder the realtime shipping rates returned by UPS (UPS ONLY in versions prior to This allows greater flexibility in shipping schemes and personalization of the rate display. To do so:

1. Set the RTShipping.ActiveCarrier AppConfig (or RTShipping.InternationalCarriers and RTShipping.DomesticCarriers if you are using them) to UPS2.

2. Next, edit the list of methods in the RTShipping.UPS.Services AppConfig. Each method consists of a number, and a name. If you wish to move a method to another spot in the list, both elements must be moved. For example:

"03;UPS Ground,12;UPS Three-Day Select" would become "12;UPS Three-Day Select,03;UPS Ground" to reverse those 2 methods.

The number associated with each shipping method will not necessarily be the same as the method ID listed at Shipping->Shipping Methods.

NOTE: Your UPS account must support the UPS2 API. Contact UPS support to verify this about your account.

Beginning in version admins have the ability to rename all real time shipping rate methods returned from the carriers. This is easily done in the Configuration - Shipping Methods table for real time rates be entering the desired name in the corresponding field and clicking the Update button at the bottom: