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Beginning in version 9, AspDotNetStorefront supports .NET Master Pages! This makes skinning your site much easier for most .NET developers, and allows store owners who are not familiar with this kind of work to use many of the commercially-available .NET skins, as they are usually written as master pages. It is also now much easier to include AJAX in your site design.

For a basic overview of how to create a master page, please see this site. There is also information on converting older AspDotNetStorefront skins to .NET master pages here.

Most AspDotNetStorefront skin designers will be familiar with our skin tokens. While some of those tokens have been ported to the new version, many have been discontinued as they can be easily replaced with more powerful and dynamic elements in master pages.

Stock Skins

A preview of the stock skin that comes with the software is shown below (click for larger images):

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Skin 1

There are also 5 optional skins available for download here. Screenshots are displayed below.

Skin 2
Skin 3
Skin 4
Skin 5
Skin 6