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This article applies to: MultiStore

Transaction States

The different transaction states depend on the payment method and transaction mode of an order. These can be viewed on the Orders → View/Manage Orders page in the admin site. The different transaction states are described below:


• This state means that the credit card of the customer has been verified, but payment has not been processed yet. The capture button must be clicked in order for payment to be collected.
• If the transaction mode is auth, then this will be the default state after the order has been placed.
• The order cannot be marked as fraud if it is still in the authorized state.
• Ad Hoc Charge/Refund cannot be created while in this state.
• It can only be voided or captured.


• The payment has been processed in this state, wherein the payment has been transferred from the customer's account to the merchant's account.
• If the transaction mode is auth capture, then this is the state the order will default to after being placed.
• The order can be voided, refunded or force refunded.
• It can also be marked as fraud.
• An Ad-Hoc Charge/Refund can also be made.
• It can be marked as Ready To Ship, Shipped and/or Printed.


• A voided order is cancelled.
• Once an order is voided, it can only be marked as Shipped and/or Printed.

Force Voided

• This allows pending orders to be voided.
• It also unwinds the transaction at the same time restores the inventory.
• It can only be marked as Shipped and/or Printed.


• The payment of the customer will be returned or repaid.
• This can only be marked as Shipped and/or Printed.


• This state is the result of clicking the 'Mark As Fraud' button in a captured transaction.
• Once an order is marked as fraud, the IP address of the customer will automatically be blocked. That is why there is an 'Allow This IP' button, to enable the admin to grant the customer access to the store.
• The fraud state can still be lifted by clicking the 'Clear Fraud Flag'.
• The 'Mark As Fraud' button will not function on orders entered by admin users.
• It can also be marked as Shipped and/or Printed.


• These orders are still awaiting approval.
• This is similar to the authorized transaction state except that the payment method here is not credit card, it is either by check, cod, purchase order, request for quote or Google Checkout..
• The 'Capture' button must be clicked for payment to be processed otherwise it can be voided to cancel the order.
• Other than that, it can only be marked as Ready to Ship, Shipped and/or Printed.