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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

SQL Server 2005 Express and Server Management Studio Installation

If no other version of MS SQL is installed (2000 or 2005), follow these directions to install the free 2005 Express version.

Note: SQL Express is capped at 1GB of memory usage, regardless of how much is available on the server. If this site is expected to be a high-traffic store, the full version of MS SQL 2005 is highly recommended.

1 – First, download the 2 files indicated below from http://www.microsoft.com/express/2005/sql/download/default.aspx

2 - Run the SQL 2005 Express file first (SQLEXPR32.EXE), check the 'I accept' box and click 'Next'.

3 - Wait for the initial configuration to finish, and then click 'Next'.

4 - Click 'Next' through the following 3 screens.

5 - Enter the desired name and company name, uncheck the 'Hide advanced configuration options' box and click 'Next'.

6 - Ensure that the desired components are selected for the install. The defaults are fine for 99% of installs, but a full install of all features is only 155MB so it doesn't hurt to install all components. Click 'Next'.

7 - Set the radio button to the desired option, and enter an instance name if desired. The default instance will work in most cases, but check with your server administrator to be certain. Click 'Next'.

8 - Except for very rare circumstances, the settings on this screen should be left on the defaults. Check with your server administrator before making any changes here! Click 'Next'.

9 - Set the radio button to 'Mixed Mode' and enter a password for the "sa" account for your SQL install. DO NOT LOSE THAT PASSWORD!

10 - Click 'Next' through the following 3 screens, leaving the options on the default settings.

11 - Click 'Install'.

12 - Wait for the install to complete, then click 'Next'.

13 - Click 'Finish'. SQL Server 2005 Express installation is complete!

14 - Now, install SQL Server Management Studio. Run the 2nd file that was downloaded earlier (SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi) and click 'Next'.

15 - Accept the license terms and click 'Next'.

16 - Enter the desired name and company name and click 'Next'.

17 - Click 'Next'.

18 - Click 'Install'.

19 - Wait for the install process to complete and click 'Next'.

20 - Click 'Finish'. SQL Server Management Studio installation is complete!