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This article applies to: MultiStore


Sometimes store administrators will want to restrict access to sections of the site to just customers who have made certain purchases - for instance, ebooks, music downloads, license keys, etc. The easiest way to do this is to use subscription products and topics that are restricted to customers who have purchased them.

Making A Subscription Product

1. Go to Product Manager and choose the product you want to set as subscription product.

2. On the Product Variant’s level, go to Subscription Interval field and specify the length of the subscription.

3. Next, go to Interval Type and choose from the dropdown list.

4. Click Update button.

NOTE: For versions 9200 through 9410 please review this article.

Topics That Require A Subscription To View

1. Go to Content → Manage Topics.

2. On the Requires Subscription field, click on Yes option button.

3. Click Update Topic.

Managing A Customer’s Expiration Date

1. Look up the customer you want to edit at Customers → View/Edit Customers and Users.

2. Open the customer's account by clicking their Customer ID, then click the calendar icon on the right side of Subscription Expires On field.

3. Select the date of expiration then click Update Account Information button.