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This article applies to: MultiStore

Varying AppConfigs by Store

Some store owners will want features to work differently on different stores within the same MultiStore instance. To allow this, the MultiStore software allows each store in the instance to have its own copy of each AppConfig if desired, so they can be set differently. Note that the steps below are not required! If you want to use the same setting across all of your stores, simply set the Default value (see below) and that setting will apply to all stores. In most cases however there will be at least a couple of settings that you want to vary from store to store. In the example below, we'll look at the LiveServer AppConfig.

1 - First, go to Configuration -> Advanced -> AppConfig Parameters and search for 'LiveServer'. You should see something like this:

2 - If you click on the AppConfig name, or the Edit icon, you will see the following:

Notice that since only one value has been entered so far, the software indicates that the same value will be used for all stores - Unassigned for Store X. Currently using default. All of our stores aren't going to have the same name, so we want to change that!

3 - Click in the field for Store 1 (your store will be labeled differently, depending on what you called it) and enter the domain for that store, then do the same for store 2.

4 - Click Save, and you will be returned to the main AppConfig list. Note that you will now have multiple copies of the AppConfig you changed - one default, and one for each store that you set a value for. As long as a store-specific version of an AppConfig exists, that value will be used. If there isn't a store-specific version (for example, if we added a Store 3 on this site later on), the software would 'fall back' to the 'Default Store' value.