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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Request for Quote Payment Method

This method does not actually collect any payment information from customers. Store admins will be notified of the new order, and must then provide the customer with quote/pricing information (generally through email, though this can be handled however they desired as it is done outside of the software) for the products that were 'ordered'.

1 - To use "Request for Quotes" as a payment method, in the admin site, go to Configuration → Site Configuration Wizard and check the box beside Request for Quotes or add 'Purchase Order' (no quotes) to the PaymentMethods AppConfig.

2 - It will then be shown in the Payment Info page as one of the payment methods.

3 - After the order is completed a confirmation will be received. Now, it is up to the store owner to contact the customer about the custom quote request.

4 - It may now be viewed by the admin in Orders > View/Manage Orders. You will notice that "REQUESTQUOTE" is the payment method indicated.