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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Submitting your Site to Google Sitemaps

First of all, a Sitemap is a list of pages on your website. With Google Sitemaps, it makes it easy for webmasters to submit all their websites URL to Google to be indexed and it also gives out detailed reports about your pages visibility on Google. This ensures that Google knows all the pages on your site. This also provides Google with additional information about your site like the date of last modification or priority and change frequency of the site.

Actually you don't have to configure anything from the AspDotNetStorefront to create a Google Sitemap; you just need to call http://www.yourdomain.com/googleindex.aspx and googleindex.aspx will generate a list of googleentity pages with the proper querystring values and will feed them to Google. The only page you need to submit to Google is googleindex.aspx.

For more details on Google Sitemap you may want to check out About Google Sitemaps

How to Use the Google Sitemap

1 - Go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools

2 - Sign in to your account. If you don’t have one yet, create an account.
3 - After signing in, you will be redirected to this page. In the Dashboard page, type the URL of your site and click the Add Site button.

4 - Now click the Sitemaps link.

5 - Enter the sitemap which is googleindex.aspx and click Submit Sitemap button.

6 - After adding a Sitemap, the Status is still Pending. You will notice that they have a message confirming that you have added your sitemap but it may take several hours before they are done processing it, after which the Status will be changed either to OK or an error.

• The Sitemap that you will use is googleindex.aspx and NOT sitemap2.aspx (this is used only for AspDotNetStoreFront site map)
• Your site must already be in live mode for Google to process the URL you have submitted.

AppConfig Parameters associated with Google SiteMap

To access these AppConfigs go to your Admin site and click on Configuration → Advanced → AppConfig Parameters. In the Config Search box type GoogleSiteMap. All the AppConfigs related with Google SiteMap will be listed. Consult with Google's documentation for information on what these attributes represent and allowable values. AspDotNetStorefront support staff cannot assist in determing the best values for these settings on your site.