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Skin Info Data

How skin info is used

As of version we have formalized a way of adding meta data about your skin. At the time of this writing the data is only used in the admin console of the site to show the administrator of the site a simple name, screenshot, and description of your data.

The skin selector tool in the admin console of AspDotNetStorerfront

In the future we may expand on how this data is used to display useful information about different skins.

Providing skin info

If you are writing your own skin for AspDotNetStorefront we encourage you to make use of the skin information.

The data for a skin is stored in the App_Templates/Skin_X/SkinInfo folder

The folder structure of the skin info data

In the skin info folder you should provide an image titled preview.jpg as well as an XML file that has more information about your skin such as a friendly name and a description.

The XML structure of the skin info data

You can use skininfo.xml file from the default skin as a template to create your own skininfo.xml file