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This article applies to: MultiStore

View/Edit Customers and Users

From Customers Menu, click View/Edit Customers and Users

This page allows store admins to view and manage existing customers. Customer records can be viewed alphabetically by clicking one of the letter links, or you can search for a specific customer by last name or email address. The records are displayed in a table, with each column containing special information and/or actions, explained below.

Customer Account Information

Column NameDescription
CustomerIDEach customer is assigned a unique customer ID when they register. The ID displayed here is a link, which will take you to the customer's account page (see below in this article for more information). The date displayed is the date the customer registered.
NameThis is the customer's first and last name as they entered it during registration.
Order HistoryIf the customer has placed orders, a 'View' link will appear here which leads to a list of their orders (see below for more details).
AdminThis column displays whether or not the registered account is an admin account, and then provides buttons to either 'promote' them to an admin user (Set Admin or Set Super Admin) or 'demote' them (Clear Admin or Clear Super Admin). See this page for more information on admin users.
LevelIf the customer belongs to a customer level the level's name is displayed here.
Subscription Expires OnIf the customer has an active subscription, the expiration date is displayed here.
EmailThis is the email address the customer provided when they registered. NOTE: If your site allows anonymous customers then this column may be blank for some users.
Billing AddressThis is the billing address the customer provided when they registered.
Delete Customer Poll VotesIf this customer has voted in polls on your site, you can click this button to clear their votes and allow them to vote again.
Delete CustomerClicking this button deletes the customer from this list. Note that this does NOT actually remove the customer from the database, it just removes them from the active customer list.
Nuke CustomerClicking this button permanently removes the customer from the database. This cannot be undone! Be sure this is what you want to do before clicking this button.
Nuke & Ban CustomerIf you click this button, the selected customer will be permanently removed from your database. In addition, their last known IP address will be added to a restricted list, and any attempts to visit your site from that IP address will be blocked. It is entirely possible to ban whole companies and/or geographic locations with this action, due to Internet routing configurations beyond your control. This should not be used unless absolutely necessary.

Order History

Clicking the 'View' link in the Order History column (shown above) brings the store admin to this page. The customer's previous orders are listed, along with the status of those orders and any customer service notes.