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Site Configuration Wizard

The admin console Configuration - Site Configuration Wizard can be used to make changes to multiple site-wide settings at once. It is also the easiest place to set up your store's basic information, set up payment methods and gateways, etc. The Site Configuration Wizard is accessed in the admin console, under the Configuration menu.

NOTE: Only super admin accounts can make changes in the config wizard. Please see here for information on creating super admin accounts.

The wizard is broken into several sections, explained below. There are several elements that appear throughout the page that provide additional functionality or information:

- This is a tooltip icon. Put the mouse over this image to find out more information about the setting next to the tooltip.
- This icon is used to edit values for multiple stores at once. Click this icon and the store-specific copies of the setting you're working on will be displayed, and can all be edited at once. Note that you can edit multiple values and save them all with a single 'Submit' click. For more information on how AppConfigs can vary by store, see this page.
- Where it appears, the 'Toggle Advanced' link will expand the current window and show additional options for the item being configured. The options shown by clicking that link generally do not have to be changed for basic functionality to work.

General Store Info

Here you configure some general settings for your site(s). Several of these settings affect almost every page on the site, so be careful with any changes made here.

Setting Description
Store Name This is the name of your store. This will appear on browser page titles, receipts, etc, so format it exactly as you want your name to look in those places.
Live Server Domain This is your store's URL, without the 'www'.
Store Origin Zip Code This will be used as the 'origin' zip code when calculating shipping costs (if your site uses realtime shipping rates).
Store Currency This is the master currency your store will use (in ISO 4217 Standard Code format). Please see here for more information.
Store Currency Numeric Code This should be the ISO 4217 Standard Code for the currency your store will use (from above). Please see here for more information.
Use Live Transactions This setting determines whether your store will try to call the live version of your payment gateway, or the test version.
Use SSL This controls whether your site will switch to secure mode (https) on some pages throughout the site - shopping cart, signing pages, etc. See here for more information on enabling SSL.
Set Static Machine Key Sets a random, static machine key in the web.config file. This will allow the site to function properly on server farms, and can also resolve issues with users being logged out and/or losing their shoppingcart after an application reset.
NOTE: The {root} folder where the web.config file is located requires Read/Write/Modify permissions for the .NET user account in order to make this change (typically ASPNET for WindowsXP or NETWORK SERVICE for Windows Server 2003/Vista or IIS_IUSRS for Windows Server 2008/Windows7).
Encrypt the Web.config This setting determines whether or not the web.config file (which controls several very important elements of your site) is encrypted or not. This is generally not done until development and testing of a site is complete and it is time to go live. Please see here for more information on encrypting the web.config file.
NOTE: The {root} folder where the web.config file is located requires Read/Write/Modify permissions for the .NET user account in order to make this change (typically ASPNET for WindowsXP or NETWORK SERVICE for Windows Server 2003/Vista or IIS_IUSRS for Windows Server 2008/Windows7).
Email Click the 'Configure Email' link to set up the outgoing mail settings for your site. See here for more information.
SEO Click the 'Configure SEO' link to set up the store-wide meta tags for your store. See this page for more details.

Payment Methods

In this section, you set up the payment options that customers will have on your site. Note that these settings will apply to customers shopping on your site, as well as to admin users placing phone orders.

Setting Description
buySAFE buySAFE is a 3rd party service that builds customer confidence. See this page for more information.
MaxMind MaxMind provides additional anti-fraud protection beyond what your payment gateway provides. See here for details.
Google Checkout Google Checkout is a popular, secure offsite payment method. More information can be found on this page.
Payment Methods Accepted These checkboxes allow you to select the payment method(s) you will accept on your site. You can select multiple options. See here for an explanation of the different payment methods.

The more complicated payment methods require some extra setup to enable. Clicking the 'configure' link to the right of the individual options allows you to set those methods up without leaving the page.

If you choose the Credit Card option, you'll also need to configure a payment gateway to accept payment. See the next section for more information.

Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is the 3rd-party service that the site runs credit card transactions through. You may only select one option. To enable a gateway, click the 'configure' link to the right of its individual entry and fill in the required fields. Once you click Save and Close, the radio button for that gateway will enable, allowing you to select it. Click that option, then click Submit at the bottom of the page to enable the gateway. The gateway will not be enabled until you select it and click Submit.

Payment Gateway Updater

Starting in version, we have added the ability to download gateway updates through the admin console. This allows us to release updates to gateways or even add support for new gateways in between major version releases, and eliminates the need for those updates be applied through patches or support requests.

The admin console checks your current gateway version against the latest version available from AspDotNetStorefront each time the Site Configuration Wizard page is loaded. When an update is available for a gateway, a link to download it will appear in the Payment Gateways section of this page:

To apply an update, click the link as shown above, and a .zip file will be downloaded to your computer. The .zip file should contain a single .DLL file. Extract that and upload it to the /bin folder on your site. Note that doing so will force your site to restart, so it's best to do this during low traffic hours.

NOTE: The feed URL has been changed and will require updating:

  1. Add a new String type AppConfig: AssetServerURL
  2. Set the value of the new AppConfig to: http://license.aspdotnetstorefront.com/Feed.aspx
  3. Reset Cache