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This article applies to: MultiStore

View/Manage Orders

From Orders Menu, click View/Manage Orders

This page is where the majority of order processing is done. Here store admins can view new/old orders, capture payment, handle shipping, etc. The various areas of the page are broken down and explained below, but the following sections of the manual also have bearing on these functions, and should be read through:

- Transaction Mode
- Storing CC information
- Order Processing

Search Parameters

When the page first loads, all new orders for the last week are displayed by default. The search window at the top of the page allow store admins to refine the list of visible orders based on the parameters they're interested in. Click the 'Hide Filters' link to collapse that section of the page and display more of the order information.

NOTE: Once an order is marked as shipped or otherwise has the 'IsNew' flag set to false, it will no longer appear in lists searched for on this page unless the 'New Orders Only' radio button is set to no. Be sure to do that when searching for old orders.

Report Types

This report lists all new orders in a column on the left, with a tabbed detail window on the right. The tabs are explained in the 'Order Pane' section below.

Bulk Printing
The bulk printing report displays all new orders in a condensed grid. This is often used to generate 'pick lists', and also allows the bulk printing of receipts.

The summary report shows almost all details of all new orders in a table.

Order Pane

In the default view on this page, each order is broken into 7 tabs with detailed information on various parts of the order. The tabs and the information on each them is explained briefly below. See here for more information on processing orders.

This tab contains the basic customer and order information for the order being reviewed. It also displays information about the shipping status of the order, and allows store admins to enter shipping information and send 'shipped' emails.

This tab contains the full payment information for the order in question. If credit card information is being stored, this is the only place that the full credit card number will show.

The shipping tab shows the full details of shipping for the current order.

This tab shows the store admin all of the customer's information. You can specify a different email address to use for receipts than is on the original order record here, if there was a problem with that address.

This tab allows admins/CSRs to make notes about the order and/or customer. Some of these notes are visible to the customer and some are not, each box is labeled to indicate which is which.

This tab shows the receipt that was sent to the customer when the order was placed. Store admins can also open the receipt in a separate window for easy printing if necessary.

This tab contains the XML that was generated for the order - pricing, shipping, taxes, etc. This information is rarely necessary for store admins, but can be useful in troubleshooting issues that arise with specific orders.