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This article applies to: MultiStore


The software comes with a built-in sitemap that your customers can view to easily find products or pages on your site without navigating through categories or menus. Customers reach this page at http://www.yoursite.com/sitemap2.aspx

Sitemap Contents

There are 2 ways to control which parts of the site show up on the sitemap:

The following AppConfigs will disable entire sections of the sitemap:

- SiteMap.ShowCategories
- SiteMap.ShowCustomerService
- SiteMap.ShowDocuments
- SiteMap.ShowLibraries
- SiteMap.ShowManufacturers
- SiteMap.ShowProducts
- SiteMap.ShowSections
- SiteMap.ShowTopics

You can also prevent individual topics from appearing on the sitemap page, by setting the 'Publish in Site Map' attribute to no.