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This article applies to: MultiStore

Smart One Page Checkout Instructions for MultiStore

NOTE: These directions cover configuring the Smart One Page Checkout module for customers on MSx9.4.0.0+
For directions for version and earlier, please see here.
For directions for version please see here.

Enabling SmartOPC

1. If you have not already done so, purchase a license for the Smart One Page Checkout module. You will receive a license key which will be used later on in this process.

These license keys are URL-specific and call to our license server so if you are using it on a development or staged site, we will need to set up SOPC license keys for those URLs as well.

Port numbers do NOT work with Smart OPC licenses at this time (version 9400 only).

2. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, navigate to Configuration -> Advanced -> AppConfig Parameters.

3. Search for Vortx.OnePageCheckout.LicenseKey and enter the license key you received from us in step 1.

4. Search for Vortx.OnePageCheckout.ShowEmailPreferencesOnCheckout and set it true if you would like your customers to be asked if it is okay to email them. Set it to false if you do not want the option to show.

5. If you are configuring your site for use only in the UK, change the AppConfig value for Vortx.OnePageCheckout.AddressLocale to “UK”. Otherwise, leave it set to “US”.

6. Search for the Checkout.Type AppConfig, and set it to SmartOPC.

7. Reset the cache on the website.

NOTE: For skins older than the new skin supplied with version you will need to add this jquery reference to the head of your template.master file that is used when the Smart OPC is operating:

<%-- jQuery is required in versions 9.4 and higher --%>
<script src="jscripts/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
adnsf$ = jQuery; <%-- to avoid conflicts with existing jQuery versions and other javascript frameworks, change this line to adnsf$ = jQuery.noConflict(); --%>

Testing the one page checkout

1. Open the front end of your website in a browser.

2. Add an item to your cart and proceed to checkout.

3. Test your new checkout process.

4. You’re done!

Editing the Smart OPC Customer Service panel

You can edit the information in the Customer Service panel by modifying the topic OPC.CustomerServicePanel (Content - Manage Topics)

All other text in the Smart OPC can be edited through the appropriate String Resource. You can also display all string resources to assist in identifying the one you want to edit using THIS method.

MultiStore Configuration

To install the Smart One Page Checkout module on a Multi-Store site, simply set the store-specific version of the Vortx.OnePageCheckout.LicenseKey AppConfig to the value of the key you got from AspDotNetStorefront for that store. Those keys are domain-specific, each can only be used for a single domain.

1. Obtain a new license key for each store from AspDotNetStorefront.

2. In the admin console, navigate to Configuration > Advanced > AppConfig Parameters.

3. Search for Vortx.OnePageCheckout.LicenseKey.

4. Edit the AppConfig, and set the value for the store you are enabling SmartOPC on to the new key you were given:

5. Click Save.

6. Make sure that the Checkout.Type AppConfig is set to SmartOPC for the store you are enabling it on.


  • SmartOPC makes extensive use of javascript and AJAX. Sites that have been customized to use these technologies beyond what the core software does should test SmartOPC extensively before 'going live' with it, to ensure there are no conflicts.


If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to contact our help desk.