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This article applies to: ML8

Overture/Yahoo Tracking Code

The shopping cart software allows easy integration with the Yahoo! Search Marketing tool (formerly know as Overture), which allows you to track how many of your site visitors end up making purchases. See here for more information.


1 - First, follow the directions here to ensure that the Telerik RAD editor used for topics will save your tracking code.
2 - Next, go to the Topic page in your admin site, and find the OvertureTrackingCode topic. Click on it to edit it, and insert the javascript given to you by Yahoo! into the topic.

NOTE: You must first click the <> button at the bottom of the RAD editor to switch it to HTML view before inserting your code!

NOTE: Your code may vary from what is pictured above. Be sure to insert your account information in place of the "YOUR_CODE_HERE" section.

3 - Set the IncludeOvertureTrackingCode AppConfig to true.

Once these steps are complete, the javascript code you pasted in above will be inserted into the order confirmation page that customers see after completing their order, and your conversions (completed sales) will be reported.