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With the release of version, the ML and MultiStore platforms were merged. This allows us to bring the great new features of MultiStore to all ML customers, and better focus our development efforts moving forward.

The MultiStore platform starts out at just a single store, and then scales up to additional stores later on if desired. Store owners do not have to worry about the added complexities of multiple stores if they don't want to right away, but have the ability to easily roll out more stores when the time comes!

The menu options on the left will guide you to all of the options the storefront contains. The majority of these function the same whether you are running only a single store, or 50! For details of features that work differently when you have multiple stores, and for information on how to vary different elements of your sites by store, see these links:

Article Title
Forgot Your Password resetting procedure
3D Secure
3rd party tracking pixels
404 Redirects
A/B Testing with Google
Accepting Orders Without Collecting Payment Info
Add New Affiliate
Add New Customer
Adding a Store (MoreStore)
Adding Entities to Your Store
Adding Products to Your Store
Adding Shipping Charges to an Order After it is Placed
Adding YouTube Video to descriptions
Advanced Search
Advanced Shipping Options
Anonymous Checkout
Anonymous Customers
AppConfig Parameters
Authorize.Net Payment Gateway
Auto-Assigning Customer Levels
Avalara Avatax Integration v9.2.0.0+
Backup Payment Gateways
Banning Customers
Basic Search
Best Sellers
Bongo Extend
Bulk Updating Products
CAPTCHA Security
Cardia Services (Norway) Payment Gateway
Cardinal Centinel eChecks
Cardinal Commerce
Central Payments Payment Gateway
Change EncryptKey
Changing the Default Skin
Character Limit on RTShipping.ShippingMethodsToPrevent
Charging Shipping Based on the Number of Items in the Cart
Checkout by Amazon
Clearing Test Orders From The Database
Cloning Products
Configure Store Email with GoDaddy Email
Creating Shipping Labels & Importing Tracking Numbers
Credit Card Types
Custom Report
Customer Emails
Customer Levels
Customer Reports
Customers Who Bought X Also Bought Y
Cybersource Payment Gateway
Demo Data for
Display Order
Displaying Subcategory Images
Downloadable Products
Downloadable Products - MSx9.4.0.0+
Drop Shipping
Edit Countries
Edit States/Provinces
EFSNet Payment Gateway
Email Product to a Friend
Email Setup
Enabling Windows Authentication in IIS6
Enabling Windows Authentication in IIS7
Entity Attributes
eProcessingNetwork Payment Gateway
eSELECT Plus (Moneris) Payment Gateway
Event Handlers
eWay (Australia) Payment Gateway
Excel Product Import
Excel Product Import Fields
Export Price List to Excel/XML
Extended Prices
Featured Products
FedEx Shipping Manager
First Data Payment Gateway Setup
Force Customers to Login Before Viewing the Site
Gateway Recurring Billing
Get FedEx Meter
Gift Card Management
Gift Registry
Global Configs
Go Live checklist
Google Analytics and eCommerce Tracking
Google Analytics and eCommerce Tracking to
Google Checkout
Google Remarketing
Google Trusted Stores 2015
Guide to AspDotNetStorefront Source Code
Guide to AspDotNetStorefront Upgrades With Customizations
Hiding Products Based on Inventory
HSBC Payment Gateway
IATS Ticketmaster Payment Gateway
iDeposit.net Payment Gateway
Image Resize Configuration
Import Price List From Excel/XML
Installation Guide - Windows 7
Installation Guide - Windows Server 2003
Installation Guide - Windows Vista & Windows Server 2008
Installation Guide - Windows XP
In-Store Pickup For RTShipping
International Checkout
International country reverting to United States in shipping address
Inventory Control
Inventory Tracking
ITransact Payment Gateway
JetPay Payment Gateway
Kit Products
License Keys
License Keys versions ML8.0.1.4+ and MultiStore
Limiting Purchase Orders to Specific Customer Levels
Locale Settings
Low Stock Warning
Mailing Manager
Manage Badwords
Manage Categories
Manage Customer Levels
Manage Departments
Manage Distributors
Manage Manufacturers
Manage News
Manage Polls
Manage Product Types
Manage Products
Manage Ratings
Manage Topics
Managing Admin Users
Mapping Coupons/Promotions, Order Options and Gift Cards to Stores
Mapping Entities to Stores
Mapping Products to Stores
Mapping Topics to Stores
Maximum Cart Line Items
Mobile Device Handling for and earlier
Mobile Support for 9.3 and Higher
Modifying the HOSTS file to test multiple sites
Monthly Maintenance
MSx9.3.1.1 Point Release Installation Guide
Multi-Image Manager
NetBilling Payment Gateway
New Reports
One Page Checkout
Order Editing
Order Options
Order Processing
Order Reports
Orders By Category
Overture/Yahoo Tracking Code
Password Information
PayFuse Payment Gateway
PayJunction Payment Gateway
Payment Express
Payment Methods
PayPal Bill Me Later advertising banners
PayPal Express Checkout - through
PayPal PayFlow Pro Payment Gateway
PayPal Payments Advanced
PayPal Promotions
PayPal Website Payments Pro Payment Gateway
Phone Order Entry
Pinnacle Payment Gateway
PlugNPay Payment Gateway
Preventing Customers from Registering from Certain States/Countries
Product Attributes
Product Filtering
Product Specs
Product Tax Classes
Products that Require Text Input
Products that Vary by Size/Color
Purchase Orders
Quantity Discounts
Quick Books Merchant Services Payment Gateway
QuickCommerce Payment Gateway
Real Time Shipping Rates
Recent Additions
Recently Viewed Products
Recurring Orders
Recurring Orders - All Pending
Recurring Orders - Due Today
Recurring Orders - Import Status From Gateway
Related Products
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