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This article applies to: ML8

AppConfig Parameters

From the Configuration menu, click Advanced → AppConfig Parameters

NOTE: For the complete list of AppConfigs and there stock/default values for MSx 8100, click here.

AppConfig Parameters are settings that control much of how the software functions. Anytime a set of directions in this manual refers to an AppConfig Parameter, this is the page in the admin site you will need to visit to change that setting. The page is broken into several sections, explained below:

Config Search

This is the easiest way to find the AppConfig you're wanting to change. Simply type the name into the box and click Search. This is also a good way to find settings if you're not sure of the name. AspDotNetStorefront tries to make the AppConfig names as relevant to their function as possible. For instance, if you want to change settings for how product ratings work, a simple search for 'ratings' will return the applicable settings.

Config Groups

AppConfigs are broken into groups, to make finding the settings you need easier, and to organize related AppConfigs. The pulldown menu allows you to select a group of AppConfigs all related to a similar function - for example IMAGERESIZE or EMAIL. Choosing a group will cause this page to only display the AppConfigs in that group, making it easier to make the changes you want. You can also view AppConfigs alphabetically, with the links below the pulldown menu.

Config Values

This section is where changes to AppConfigs are actually made. Be sure to read the description of the setting you're going to change before doing so, to ensure you have a good idea of what is being done. To make a change, click the Edit button on the left, and the screen will change:

Change the contents of the 'Value' field to your desired setting, and then click the Update button on the left. To quit without making a change, click Cancel. You can also change the config group the AppConfig is assigned to with the pulldown menu, or change the 'SA only' field (SA only stands for Super Admin only. Only Super Admin accounts will be able to change AppConfigs that have this value set to 1. See here for information on creating SA accounts). While the option is available, it should almost never be necessary to delete an AppConfig, and can often have undesirable results.

Add New

Store admins can also create new AppConfigs, through this area of the page. Simply fill in the name and starting value, assign a config group, check 'SA only' if necessary, and click Add. This is an advanced feature that will not be used by the majority of store owners. Additional development work may be necessary for your new AppConfig to have any effect on store operation.