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This article applies to: MultiStore

Manage Products

From the Products Menu, click Manage Products

Product Manager is the preferred place to make product changes within the admin site. While there are other bulk edit pages discussed elsewhere in this manual, this page gives quick, easy access to all of your products' properties from one screen.

NOTE: On large stores with many thousands of products, the initial page load time on this page can take a while as the products are loaded into a special memory. Once that initial load is done, navigation through the grid will be much faster.

Finding your product
The page is laid out as a grid, with several easy ways to navigate through the list:

The search box is the easiest way to find the product you're wanting to change. Simply type the name into the box and click Search.

You can also click any of the letters going down the left hand side of the page, and only products beginning with that letter will be displayed.

Adding a product
You can add a new product by clicking the green plys sign (+) at the bottom left of the page. See here for more details. To add a variant to an existing product, click the + sign immediately to the left of that product's name.

Editing a product
To edit an existing product, simply click its name, or the edit icon to the left of its name. A window will open where all of the product's attributes can be set. These attributes are explained in more detail here.

To edit a product's variant, click the small + sign next to the product name and the grid will expand to show its variants. Edit the variant by clicking on its name or the edit sign to the left of its name.

You can also easily delete or unpublish a product/variant from this page, with the options on the right hand side of the grid. Note that once deleted or unpublished, a product can easily be restored by clicking the same option again. In the picture below, the first product is unpublished and can be restored by clicking the 'Publish' link. The second product is deleted, but clicking the green X will restore it: