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This article applies to: ML8

Manage Product Types

From Products Menu, click Manage Product Types

The product type determines how a product will function at the most basic level in your store. Through this page, store admins can add new product types, or edit the names of the existing ones, or delete them entirely.

NOTE: The preloaded special product types (kit, pack, gift cart, etc) cannot be easily recreated if deleted. Do not delete those product types unless you are absolutely sure they will not be used in the future.

The 'Generic Product' product type is fine for the vast majority of products. It can be used for any product that does not require special handling by the application - socks, cars, event tickets, downloads - these can all be generic products. If, however, the store admin prefers to organize products by product type, new types can be created with the "Add New" button (though these types will all be essentially 'generic products' under another name). Products are assigned a type with the "Product Type" dropdown on the edit product page in the admin site.

Special Product Types
While 'Generic Products' are simple products that don't do anything special, the other preloaded product types all have special functions, which are explained below.

Product Type NameDescription
Gift Card CertificateThese types of gift cards are printed by the store owner and mailed to the purchaser. Store admins generate and assign their own serial number through the gift card management page.
Gift Card EmailEmail gift certificates have automatically-generated gift card codes. During checkout, the customer will be prompted to supply the email address for where to deliver the gift, and an email is automatically sent. Once created, these gift cards can be managed through the admin site under Configuration → Payment → Gift Card Management.
Gift Card PhysicalPhysical gift cards are for stores that have special gift card stationary or some other physical method of generating cards. These types of gift cards allow store admins to generate their own serial number.
Kit ProductKit products are products which allow customers to make many choices to customize their purchase. An example would be a computer, where the customer chooses the monitor size, amount of memory, hard drive size, etc. More information on kits can be found here.
Pack ProductPack products are combinations of multiple products that are generally sold separately on your site. Customers can browse the site in a mini browser on the product detail page, adding eligible products to the pack until they reach the size limit. More information on packs can be found here.