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Before You Begin

  • In order to safely complete this installation on a live website you need to be able to backup your site files and database, and have a plan and permission to restore them should you encounter a problem during the installation process.
  • Different hosting providers and environments will have different methods of backing up and restoring databases. Please work with your hosting company to discuss the backup and restore tools that are available to you.
  • This installation process requires a level of technical expertise.
  • Please read through the entire installation guide and make sure you understand the installation process before you begin an installation on your live site. If there are any steps of this installation process that are unclear, please contact productsupport@vortx.com to request assistance.
  • Before you begin please ensure that:
  • You have file access to the root of your website (FTP or RDC are the most common).
  • You have SuperAdmin Access to your AspDotNetStorefront site.


  1. Backup your database.
  2. Backup your site files.
  3. Copy the contents from the installation "Web" folder into your website.
    1. Move the Web/App_Themes/Skin_1/GuidedNavigation.css file to the App_Themes/Skin_{your skinID} folder on your website.
    2. Copy the Web/jscripts and Web/XmlPackages folders over the existing folders on your website.
    3. You will be prompted to overwrite page.search.xml.config. Please do.
  4. Navigate to the installer page by going to http://www.yourdomain.com/e-guidednavigationinstall.aspx in your browser.
  5. Click the Begin Installation button.
  6. Login to the admin console of your website and reset the cache to finish the installation.
  7. Remove the guidednavigationinstall.xml.config xmlpackage from your XmlPackage folder. It is no longer needed.
  8. Refer to the Client Usage Guide for information on setting up your reductive attributes.