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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

How do I add a new CSS class to my RAD Editor 'Apply CSS Class' drop-down menu?

How to setup and add a .css file to show in the 'Apply CSS Class' drop-down menu in the RadEditor for the product/entity Summary/Description tabs or Topics editing.


For ML8:

Once you have created a valid .css file, upload it to your site (ftp to a folder of your choice). Next, edit the file {root}\RadControls\Editor\ConfigFile.xml in a text editor. Scroll to the bottom and add your .css file url between the <item></item> tags in the "CssFiles" property. Save the file back to your site.

Example: <property name="CssFiles">

<item>~/Custom Files/MyStyle.css</item>


For ML9/MultiStore:

Edit the file where the RAD editor is added to the page (for example, entityEditProduct.aspx) and find the telerik:radeditor invocation, then add a CssFiles node like this:

<telerik:EditorCssFile Value="~/App_Themes/Skin_1/test.css" />