Installing WSI

1. Ensure that the Microsoft Web Services Enhancements version 3.0 runtime is installed on the production web server and any development servers. This is extremely important, as without WSE 3.0 your site will fail. The WSE 3.0 components are available from:

2. Copy the IPX.asmx and IPX.xml files to the root of your website

3. Copy the App_Code/ASPDNSFUserNameTokenManager and App_Code/IPX classes to your site's App_Code directory

4. Open the web.config file and search for "WSI". Uncomment any elements commented as required by the WSI feature.

This is all that is required to install WSI. To test functionality, browse to If you do not receive any errors, WSI should be working. Once you are comfortable that the feature is operational you should take additional measures to secure this page, such as limiting access to an IP address or range of IP addresses (this can be done via the IIS Management Console or possibly your hosting control panel). Doing so will help to prevent malicious users from scripting attacks against the interface. For more details on WSI, see the WSI documentation at

To download our sample WSI client application, go to

NOTE: WHILE FULLY FUNCTIONAL, THIS FEATURE IS STILL CONSIDERED BETA DUE TO THE SCOPE OF THE IMPLEMENTATION. IF YOU RECEIVE ANY ERRORS, PLEASE SUBMIT THEM VIA OUR ONLINE HELPDESK AT A sample of the XML document you are passing to the interface is always helpful. Please submit it as an attachment as our support system will strip out any inline HTML or XML for security reasons.