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This article applies to: MultiStore


Ogone is a European payment gateway that offers 2 checkout methods:

"2 tier", which is the preferred method and keeps the customer on the store front site
"3 tier", which sends the customer to an Ogone page to fill in their credit card details

NOTE: In the directions below, any step that refers to a setting number in parentheses - (1.1), (3.2), etc - refers to a setting that must be changed on your Ogone account, not in the AspDotNetStorefront admin console.

Base Setup

These steps must be done for either option (2 or 3 tier):

1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to the Site Configuration Wizard page.

2. In the Payment Gateway section, click the 'configure' link next to the Ogone entry.

3. Put in the values you obtained from Ogone for the 'PSP ID', 'User ID', 'SHA Signature', and 'PSWD'.

4. Click 'Save and Close'.

5. Finally, click the radio button next to Ogone and then click the 'Submit' button.

6 - In your Ogone account, configure the following settings as described:

Merchant's Dialog (1.1): method should be set to POST

Data checking before payment (3.2): SHA-1 Signature must be entered and should match the Ogone.SHASignature AppConfig

2 tier

In addition to following the basic setup steps above, to use 2 tiers your Ogone account must have the "DirectLink (new payments)" option enabled which is not available with all Ogone subscription levels. For store front Capture/Void functionality you need "DirectLink (maintenance)" on your account. For store front Refund functionality you need the "Refunds" option on your account. Contact Ogone sales for details on account capabilities.

3 tier

Additional settings only required to use 3-Tier e-Commerce:

- 3-Tier is only supported when the Checkout.UseOnePageCheckout AppConfig is set to false (default)
- Set AspDotNetStorefront AppConfig Ogone.Use3TierMode to true.
- Set both Post payment feedback (4.1) URLs to the fully qualified URL pointing to ogone_postsale.aspx on your AspDotNetStorefront installation.
- Set the Post payment feedback (4.2) Request Type to the option "Make this request just after the payment and let the result customize the answer seen by customer (HTML code or redirection)."
- Set Post payment feedback (4.3) Others SHA-1 Signature and enter the same value as AspDotNetStorefront AppConfig Ogone.SHASignature.
- The (9.) Payment procedure setting must match up with the Transaction Mode of the store:

- Direct Sale = AUTH CAPTURE
- Automatic Authorization and Payment (funds capture) on Request = AUTH


Q: Why do checkout attempts with Ogone.Use3TierMode=false result in this error being logged to Failed Transactions:

NCERRORPLUS="ERROR, Merchant not defined to use this mode : xxxxx"

A: Your Ogone account does not have the "DirectLink (new payments)" option enabled. Contact Ogone to have this option enabled, or change to 3 tier mode.