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This article applies to: MultiStore

In-Store Pickup For RTShipping

From Configuration Menu, click Shipping → In-Store Pickup for RTShipping

Using this feature, store admins for stores that also have physical locations can give their local customers the option to pick up their purchases at the shop.

NOTE: This only functions when the store uses Real Time Shipping rates. If using fixed shipping methods, this feature must be disabled. You can create another fixed method for your local pickup option.

To enable this option, check the "Allow In-Store Pickup" box and give the option the desired price.

NOTE: The name of the shipping method can be changed by modifying the RTShipping.LocalPickupMethodName string resource.

This option can be limited by geographic region if desired, based on the following restrictions:

All customers can choose the in-store pickup option.

By State
Only customers in the allowed state(s) will be able to choose this option.

By Zip Code
Only customers in the allowed zip code(s) will be able to choose this option. The entire 5-digit zip code should be listed.

By Zone
Only customers in the allowed zone(s) will be able to choose this option. See here for information on creating zones.

NOTE: This wizard affects all stores. If you wish to have different settings per store, you will need to modify the AppConfigs directly per store. Access the AppConfig menu and search for "pickup".