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This article applies to: ML8

Inventory Tracking

Inventory is tracked at the variant level by default, though it can be tracked at a lower level by setting the 'Track Inventory by Size and Color' product attribute to true (Using this method will not work with Kits tied to the variant). Kit items can also be linked to variant inventory so that items that you sell both individually and in kits are tracked correctly.

The software deducts inventory when the order is captured, not when it's initially placed, so it is possible for customers to add items to the cart that will be out of stock when the current orders are processed, even if inventory is being controlled. To keep inventory from going into negatives, the software will make checks at each stage of checkout and send customers back to the shopping cart page with a notification if an item has since become out of stock. Customers can then start checkout again, or add other items to the cart and start over. There is a small (milliseconds) window of time where 2 customers could check out at the same time and push an item into negative inventory, but the odds of that happening are very small.

Inventory is restored if an order is voided/refunded.