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Search Descriptions Version
This article applies to: MultiStore

Basic Search

The basic search function searches the fields listed below. Advanced Search functions differently.


- Name
- Manufacturer's Part number
- Description ( only)


- Name

Search can be used on your site 2 ways:

You can embed the basic search control into your skin wherever you would like the search box to appear, such as:

<aspdnsf:Search ID="ctrlSearch" runat="server" CssClass="search" SearchButtonCaption="Go"
SearchCaption="<%$ Tokens: StringResource, common.cs.82 %>"
SearchTextMinLength="<%$ Tokens:AppConfigUSInt, MinSearchStringLength %>"
SearchTextMinLengthInvalidErrorMessage="<%$ Tokens: StringResource, search.aspx.2 %>"
ValidateInputLength="true" ShowValidationMessageBox="true" ShowValidationSummary="false" />

Basic Search Page Link:
You can link directly to the /search.aspx page, which has a form built-in that customers can use.

For the stock base skin in versions 9400+ this is easily done in the Topic: Template.TopNavigation

Additional Notes:
Version 9400 introduces a new AppConfig: SearchDescriptionsByDefault which allows the search to include product descriptions as well.

Version 9410 introduces a new xml package based display for the Basic Search (and the Advanced Search), selectable with the AppConfigs: XmlPackage.SearchPage (and XmlPackage.SearchAdvPage)

It is recommended that Full Text Search not be enabled in order for the Basic Search to operate effectively. You may want to experiment with FTS enabled/disabled to determine your preferred behavior.