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This article applies to: MultiStore

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature checks all of the fields that the basic search does, as well as the description and price if the customer chooses. Customers can also narrow their search criteria by product types and/or entity, and can choose to have product pictures shown for the search results:

Advanced Search can be used on your site 2 ways:

You can have a knowledgeable developer create a control for the advanced search and include it in your template, replacing the basic search control.

Searchadv Page Link:
You can link directly to the /searchadv.aspx page.

For the stock base skin in versions 9400+ this is easily done in the Topic: Template.TopNavigation

Additional Notes:
Version 9410 introduces a new xml package based display for the Advanced Search (and the basic Search), selectable with the AppConfigs: XmlPackage.SearchAdvPage (and XmlPackage.SearchPage)

It is recommended that Full Text Search not be enabled in order for the Advanced Search to operate effectively. You may want to experiment with FTS enabled/disabled to determine your preferred behavior.