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This article applies to: MultiStore


NOTE: The AJAX mini-cart described here has been removed as of version 9400. Please consider the Smart MiniCart instead.

The minicart allows customers to quickly view the contents of their cart from any page on the site. Without this page element, customers must go to the shopping cart page to see what they have in their cart currently.

As of version 9, the minicart is now a dynamic AJAX component! Customers can see what was just added to their cart and what was in it previously, as well as remove items and change quantities. They can then either proceed to checkout with the link in the AJAX control, or click anywhere else on the screen to return to shopping.

NOTE: The minicart never displays on the main shopping cart page

Enabling the Minicart

1 -Set the Minicart.UseAjaxAddToCart AppConfig to true.

2 - Verify that the following code segments exist in your master page template:

<% if (ShowMiniCart) { %>
<%-- Render ajax minicart control if enabled --%>
<asp:PlaceHolder ID="ctrlMinicart" runat="server"></asp:PlaceHolder>
<% } %>

3 - Set the Minicart.MaxLatestCartItemsCount AppConfig as desired. This is the most different line-items the minicart will display. If this is set to 4 and your customer adds 5 different items to the cart, the cart will only show the last 4 added (the first will only be visible again once the customer goes to the cart page).


The minicart appears on the front-end of the site as pictured below: