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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

PayPal Promotions

PayPal offers periodic promotions like credit accounts, referrals, financed payments, etc. Those special offers are handled through the PayPal promo feature, explained below.

Note: These offers will only be available to certain merchants, please contact mwatts@paypal.com for information on getting access to these services.


Once your PayPal account is configured to handle the promotion, set the PayPal.Promo.Enabled AppConfig to true, and enter the promo code (obtained from PayPal) in the PayPal.Promo.Codes AppConfig. Multiple codes can be entered, in a comma delimited list.

A banner ad will be displayed on qualifying product pages using the product.VariantsInRightBar.xml.config or product.SimpleProduct.xml.config XML packages. The ad displayed is controlled by the PayPal.Promo.BannerURL AppConfig (the images can be obtained from PayPal).

The Express Checkout button displayed when the shopping cart qualifies for the promotion (falls between the PayPal.Promo.CartMinimum and PayPal.Promo.CartMaximum AppConfigs) can be different from the button displayed for non-qualifying carts. The button for qualifying carts is set in the PayPal.Promo.ButtonImageURL AppConfig.

Be sure to properly configure the following AppConfigs according to your site's needs:

AppConfig NameDescription
PayPal.Promo.EnabledMaster control of promotions. Set to “true” to enable. You MUST have approval from PayPal prior to enabling this feature.
PayPal.Promo.CodesPromo codes to use for qualifying Express Checkout purchases. Comma delimited list.
PayPal.Promo.CartMinimumCustomer cart must have total greater than or equal to this value to enable promotion. This value defaults to 50, but may vary, check with PayPal for your promotion info.
PayPal.Promo.CartMaximumCustomer cart must have total less than or equal to this value to enable promotion. This value defaults to 1500, but may vary, check with PayPal for your promotion info.
PayPal.Promo.BannerURLURL or local path to banner image for promotion.
PayPal.Promo.LearnMoreURLURL for informational page to display when customer clicks the banner.
PayPal.Promo.ButtonImageURLURL for checkout button image when cart meets requirements.


Q – I enabled PayPal Promotions in my storefront, but on checkout PayPal displays the message “This purchase does not qualify for this promotion. Please complete this transaction using another payment method.”

A – Contact PayPal support and request that your PayPal account be set up to handle the promotion code you are trying to use.