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This article applies to: ML8

Site Configuration Wizard

From Configuration menu, click Site Configuration Wizard

The Config Wizard is an easy way to make changes to some of the more important functions of the site. To make a change, simply choose the options you wish and click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. You can change multiple settings at one time.

The wizard is broken into several sections, explained below:

NOTE: Only super admin accounts can make changes in the config wizard. Please see here for information on creating super admin accounts.

General Store Info

Here you set the 'personal' information for your site.

Store NameThis is the name of your store. This will appear on browser page titles, receipts, etc, so format it exactly as you want your name to look in those places.
Store DomainThis is your store's URL, without the 'www'.
Store Email AddressThis is the address that outgoing emails (receipts, notices, etc) will come from. Be sure that this is a legitimate email address to prevent problems with mail filters and to allow customers to reply if necessary.
Store Email NameThis is the name that outgoing emails will display (i.e. 'Sales', 'Administrator', etc).
Store Zip CodeThis will be used as the 'origin' zip code when calculating shipping costs (if your site uses realtime shipping rates).
Transaction ModeThis setting determines how and when your site will collect payment for purchases. Please see here for more details.
Store CurrencyThis is the master currency your store will use (in ISO 4217 Standard Code format). Please see here for more information.
Store Currency Numeric CodeThis should be the ISO 4217 Standard Code for the currency your store will use (from above). Please see here for more information.

Payment Methods

These checkboxes allow you to select the payment method(s) you will accept on your site. You can select multiple options. See here for an explanation of the different payment methods.

NOTE: Any methods selected here will be visible to both customers on the front end of the site, and admins placing phone orders.

Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is the 3rd-party service that the site runs credit card transactions through. You may only select one option.

Security Settings

This area allows you to configure some very important security settings on your site. Please read the related pages linked below before changing these settings, to be sure you understand what is being done.

Use Live TransactionsThis setting determines whether or not your site runs credit card transactions through your gateway as test or live transactions. Live transactions will actually transfer funds to/from bank accounts, so be sure this is not set to true until you are ready to do that.
Use SSLSetting this to true instructs the software to switch to secure mode (https) in areas of the site that need to be protected (shopping cart, account pages, checkout, admin site, etc). Please see here for more information.
Encrypt The Web.ConfigThis setting determines whether or not the web.config file (which controls several very important elements of your site) is encrypted or not. This is generally not done until development and testing of a site is complete and it is time to go live. Please see here for more information on encrypting the web.config file.