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This article applies to: ML8

Order Editing

By default, once a customer places an order it cannot be edited. If changes need to be made, an ad-hoc charge/refund has to be made to adjust the order total. If desired, store admins can enable the order editing feature, which allows them to edit almost all elements of completed orders.

NOTE: Different industries and gateways have different rules on editing completed orders. Check with a professional advisor for the requirements for your site.

Enabling Order Editing

To enable this feature, simply set the OrderEditingEnabled AppConfig to true.

Editing an Order

To edit an order, find it under Orders → View/Manage Orders and click the 'Edit' button:

Once that's done, you will be able to navigate the site within a mini-browser window and add/remove items from the cart, similar to a phone order:

Which Orders can be Edited

To qualify to be edited, orders must:

- Not contain gift cards
- Not contain gift registry items
- Not be captured
- Have a single shipping address
- Not have recurring items
- Not have been previously edited
- Not have had the download email sent (if a digital product)
- Not been marked as shipped
- Not have had the distributor email sent
- Not be a PayPal or PayPal Express order
- Not have been placed by the same admin account that is trying to edit the order
- Not be C.O.D., Purchase Order, Check by Mail, or Request For Quote