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This article applies to: ML8

Retrieving Customer Emails

Store admins will often wish to send out mass emails to customers who have consented to receive them, to announce specials, distribute special information, etc. This can be done through the Mailing Manager if you are using the software's built-in mail features, but if you wish to use 3rd-party software to manage your emails you will have to get the customers' email addresses out of the system somehow. There are 3 ways to do this through the storefront admin site:

Customer Email Report
Go to Orders->Reports->Customer Emails and select the date or date range to use and any qualifiers (if desired), then click 'Submit':

Export Emails to XML
This method creates an XML file, which many 3rd-party applications will be able to read in to automate this process further. Go to Users->View/Edit Customers and click the "Export to XML" link:

Mailing Manager
The final way of obtaining customer email addresses in bulk is through the Mailing Manager. If the "LIST CUSTOMERS WHO WOULD BE E-MAILED ONLY" option is set to 'Yes', instead of actually sending the email, the software will simply print a list of the addresses the email would have gone to.