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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Locale Settings

From the Configuration menu, click Localization → Locale Settings

A locale is basically a language. Each locale you add allows your customers to view the site in another language. Please see here for more information on localization.

From this page, you can create new locales with the 'Add New' button, or 'Edit' or 'Delete' an existing locale.

Adding a Locale

To create a new locale, click the 'Add New' button and fill in the necessary fields.

NOTE: If your locale is going to use a different currency than USD, make sure that the currency is published before creating the new locale. See here for details on doing that.

Field NameDescription
NameThis is the locale's name for use within the admin site. This must be a valid .NET locale name, in the format of aa-AA.
DescriptionThis is a label for the locale, which customers will see when choosing which language to view the site in (French, Spanish, etc).
Default CurrencyIf you have multiple currencies published on your site, you can associate one of them with this locale so that when customers change to this language, they see prices in the associated currency.
Display OrderThis controls the order languages will be listed in the pulldown menu customers use to change languages.