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This article applies to: ML8

Featured Products

The featured products function allows store admins to bring special attention to specific products on their site. They can be displayed on the home page where customers will see them immediately, as shown below:


1 - First, create a category that will hold your featured products. This category will appear in your other navigational menus on the site, so the name should make sense with your other categories.

2 - Next, map the products that you want to feature to the new category through Product Manager. Note that products can belong to multiple categories, so you can leave your products in their usual homes as well.

3 - Set the IsFeaturedCategoryID AppConfig to the ID of the featured category you just created. This ID is listed at the top of the entity page in Product Manager:

4 - Specify the number of products to be displayed in the NumHomePageSpecials AppConfig

NOTE: You will need to modify the Xml Package in order to change the number of products displayed on the site, which is described in THIS ARTICLE