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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Customers Who Bought X Also Bought Y

The software has the ability to display products that have previously been purchased with the product currently being viewed, similar to large stores like Amazon.


To configure this feature, adjust the settings of the following AppConfigs to your preference

AppConfig NameDescription
AlsoBoughtNumberToDisplayThis determines how many 'also bought' products will display on the product page. Setting this to 0 will disable this feature.
AlsoBoughtProductsFormatSet this to GRID or TABLE depending on how you want the products to display. The grid layout displays as a NxN grid, while the table view is just a vertical list of the products.
AlsoBoughtProductsGridColWidthIf using the GRID layout from the AppConfig above, this determines how many columns to have per row.

NOTE: In MultiStore versions it is required to have all products mapped to a store in order for this to function. If you are already filtering products by store (AllowProductFiltering TRUE), then the feature will function. For single store applications you can map all products to a store using this SQL query:

NOTE: Before running the query, backup the database! This procedure should only be performed by knowledgeable database managers.

INSERT INTO ProductStore (ProductID)
FROM Product