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This article applies to: ML8


There are 2 ways to force customers to agree to text on your site before checking out - the disclaimer, and the terms & conditions page.


If enabled, this forces customers to agree to your disclaimer before they can even view the site at all. When they first go to your URL, a disclaimer page will load and display the contents of the SiteDisclaimer topic and customers will be forced to click an 'Agree' or 'Disagree' button. The following AppConfigs control disclaimer behavior:

AppConfig NameDescription
SiteDisclaimerRequiredSetting this to true enables the disclaimer.
SiteDisclaimerNotAgreedURLThis is the URL customers will be sent to if they click the 'Disagree' button.
SiteDisclaimerAgreedPageThis is the page on your site that customers will be directed to if they click the 'Agree' button.

Terms & Conditions

If this feature is enabled, customers will have to check off that they agree to your terms and conditions on the payment page during checkout. Those terms are set in the CheckoutTermsAndConditions topic. To enable this feature, set the RequireTermsAndConditionsAtCheckout AppConfig to true.