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This article applies to: ML8

Managing Admin Users

The software comes preloaded with the default admin account listed on this page. Store admins are recommended to change those credentials as soon as possible, to valid email addresses and personalized passwords. In many cases, it will also be necessary to create/remove additional admin accounts.

Adding an Admin Account

1 - Admin accounts are basically customer accounts that have been 'promoted' to have special access. If the account you want to use as a new admin has not already been created, do so first. This can be done by registering an account through the front end exactly as a customer work, or by creating the account through the admin site at Customers → Add New Customer.

2 - Once the account is created, look it up under Customers → View/Edit Customers and Users.

3 - Click either the 'Set Admin' or 'Set Super Admin' button to 'promote' the customer to an admin account. Super admins have access to do everything in the admin site. Regular admin accounts are restricted from changing certain AppConfigs and from promoting/demoting other admin users.

Removing an Admin Account

To 'demote' an admin account back to a regular customer account, look up the account under Customers → View/Edit Customers and Users and click the 'Clear SuperAdmin' or 'Clear Admin' button.