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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Import Price List From Excel/XML

From Products Menu, click Import/Export

On this page, store admins can import prices from the Excel file created through the Products → Import/Export → Export Price List To Excel/XML function.

NOTE: The Excel file needs to stay formatted exactly as the export creates it. Change nothing but the Cost, Price, SalePrice, and Inventory cell values

To import your prices, follow these steps:

1. Click the Browse button and locate the Excel file you're importing

2. Click the Upload button.

3. A message will appear, indicating that the import was successful.

NOTE: Excel and formulas:
Many stores with a lot of products will want to use formulas within Excel to modified multiple prices at once. This will cause a problem, as Excel does not actually store the values you see in the cells, it stores the formula. Importing that will result in invalid information in your prices. To avoid this, make the desired changes to your file and then save it as a CSV (comma separated file). This removes the formulas, but stores the values. Once that's done, re-open the file and save it as an XLS (Excel) file again. It is now ready to import.

NOTE: Although MSRP does not import, it can be added. For customers with valid Year-Round Benefits, contact the Support Help Desk