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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Order Options

From Configuration Menu, click Pricing and Promotins → Order Options

Order options are a way of offering customers extra products/services during checkout. This can be used as an upsell tool, to offer special packaging, etc. Order options are listed as separate line items on receipts.

From the order options page in the admin site, store admin can create a new option with the 'Add New' button, or click on existing order options in the list to edit them. The display order can also be set here. If all options are set to a display order of one, the options are listed alphabetically. Otherwise, they are listed in the order set by the store admin.

Creating Order Options

Clicking the 'Add New' button shown above will display this screen, where all of the article's attributes can be set. Each field is described below.

Field NameDescription
LocaleChoose a language from the dropdown to assign the text you're creating to. See here for more information on locales.
Option NameThis is the label for the option, which will be displayed on the shopping cart page.
DescriptionThis is the full details of the order option. The content is entered through the Telerik RAD editor, and can accept HTML. This will only be displayed if the customer click the ? icon next to the order option name on the shopping cart page (see below).
Default is CheckedIf this is set to true, then the order option is selected and will be added to the customer's cart by default if they don't intentionally uncheck it on the shopping cart page.
CostHow much this order option adds to the order's cost (pre-tax).
Tax ClassOrder options can be taxed just as products are, by choosing one of the tax classes from this list.
IconStore admins can upload an image here and it will be displayed to the left of the order option name on the shopping cart page.

Order Options Display

Order options display on the shopping cart page, as shown below. Customers can check/uncheck the options as desired, then click Update Cart so that the price changes are reflected. Clicking the "?" icon next to an order option name shows a popup window containing the order option description.