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This article applies to: ML8

Extended Prices

Some sites need to vary prices by customer level in a more complex way than just a flat percentage or dollar amount off of the base price. Extended Prices allow store admins to set special prices for each product that can vary for each customer level.
To set up extended prices on a product:

1 - Create your product, and any necessary variants.

2 - Create customer levels, by going to Customers → Manage Customer Levels and clicking “Add New Customer Level” in the Admin Page

3 - Once the levels are created, there will be a “Show Customers” button for each label. Add customers to that level by clicking that button, and typing their email address in the “Enter CustomerID or EMail to add to this level” field and clicking “Add Customer To This Level.”

4 - Map your product to whichever customer levels you need, by going to Products → Manage Products, and navigating to the product you want to work on. Click on the Mappings tab and check all of the customer levels you would like the product to appear in, and then click “Update.”

5 - Click Products → Manage Products, and navigate through the tree to find the product you are setting up. There will be at least one variant of it (called “Unnamed Variant” if you did not create any variants). Select a variant from the tree, and there will be a “Define Extended Prices” link next to the “Price” field. Click that link, and enter the values for each customer level. Click “Update” when finished to save your changes.

6 - Click the “Reset Cache” button on the Admin page, and the products should be priced correctly.