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This article applies to: ML8

Manage Polls

From Configuration Menu, click Polls and Reviews → Manage Polls

Polls allow you to collect information from or do surveys of your customers. On this page, you can create/manage polls and review your customers' answers.

Adding a New Poll

To create a new poll, click the 'Add New Poll' button and fill in the fields shown below:

Field NameDescription
NameThis is the question that will appear to your customers on your site.
Expires OnSet this to the date you would like the poll to stop appearing on your site.
Poll Sort OrderThis controls the order in which the answers to the poll appear. They can be listed in the order you add them, ascending, or descending.
PublishedSet this to yes for the poll to show on the site, or no to hide it.
Anons Can VoteIf this is set to yes, any visitor on your site can vote. If it's set to no, only logged-in customers will be able to vote.
CategoryUse these checkboxes to indicate where this poll should appear on your site. The poll will only appear in those areas.

Adding Answers to a Poll

Once the poll is created, you must add answers for customers to choose from. To do this, from the mail polls page click the 'Manage Answers' button next to the poll you're working on. The screen below will appear. Fill in the text of the answer (it must be populated for each installed locale) and click 'Add New.'

Displaying to a Poll

Once the poll and the answers are created, the store must be configured to display it. To do this, first set the Polls.Enabled AppConfig to true. Then, add the (!POLL!) skin token to your site's template.ascx file. Once that is done, the poll will display on your site, but only when viewing one of the entities selected when creating the poll.