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This article applies to: ML8

PlugNPay Payment Gateway

NOTE: Customers running on a shared server should check with their hosting company before attempting to use Plug-N-Pay. This gateway requires that a 3rd-party DLL be registered on the server, which not all hosts will allow.

To enable the Plug-N-Pay gateway:

1. Log into the Plug-N-Pay site at https://pay1.plugnpay.com/admin/index.cgi and click on "API & Cart Downloads" and then on the window that opens, click the 'Download' link next to the first API listed - "98/NT/2000/XP/2k3 (WinINET)".

2. Save the file locally when prompted, then extract the contents to a temp folder on your computer. Move the 'pnpcom.dll' file to the /bin folder of your live site.

3. Next, register the DLL by opening a command prompt and entering the following command:

regsvr32 C:\{yourpath}\bin\pnpcom.dll (replace {yourpath} with the path to your site's /bin folder on the server.

4. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin site, go to Configuration → Advanced → AppConfig Settings.

5. In the Config Search box, enter “PlugNPay”, then click Search.

6. The following AppConfigs will need to be populated with your personal account information, obtained from PlugNPay. Do not change the other AppConfigs unless instructed to do so!

- PlugNPay_Password
- PlugNPay_Username

7. Finally, go to Configuration → Site Configuration Wizard in the AspDotNetStorefront admin site and select “PlugNPay” from the Payment Gateways section. Click the “Submit” button, and your gateway setup is complete.

Test Credentials
For testing purposes, store admins can use the following credentials for this gateway:

- PlugNPay_Password: pnpdemo2
- PlugNPay_Username: 55pnpdemo55

During test order checkout, use 'cardtest' as the name on the card and 4111111111111111 for the CC number. To simulate a successful transaction use a dollar amount under $1000. For a 'badcard' response, use $1001 - $2000. For a 'problem' response, use a transaction over $2000.