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This article applies to: ML8

One Page Checkout

The usual checkout process is 6 steps, as pictured below:

- Shopping Cart: Where customers can view/modify the products they're purchasing
- Address Book: Customers can choose which address to ship products to (generally skipped automatically)
- Shipping Options: Customers choose the shipping method to use for product delivery
- Payment Info: Customers enter payment information
- Order Confirmation: Final review page before the order is submitted
- Order Completed: Customers are notified that the order is completed and can view the receipt

Many stores wish to shorten this process. This can be done with the One Page Checkout feature, which is configured with the following AppConfigs:

AppConfig NameDescription
Checkout.UseOnePageCheckoutSetting this AppConfig to true enables the one-page checkout feature. Customers will go straight from the shopping cart page to the page shown below.
Checkout.UseOnePageCheckout.UseFinalReviewOrderPageIf this is set to true, customers will be presented with a review page after clicking 'Continue Checkout' on the one-page checkout page, allowing them to verify the order details before submitting it for good.

NOTE: If you have Anonymous Checkout enabled then you will need to set the AppConfig: HidePasswordFieldDuringCheckout to true for MultiStore